One of the interesting things about Hexham is that the first and last holes require some tough decisions and can decide what sort of round you will have. Even if you've started well the 18th hole can be in the back of your mind as you wonder whether risking trying for a birdie on the last.

Certainly the first hole is a major deal and in particular the tee shot. It is a par five hole but can be reached in two. Imagine the thrill of getting an eagle on the first hole! Do you get the driver out and go for it, risking going out of bounds, or play safe and take par? It really forces you into a test of confidence straight away.

Every green will be a challenge to the players. There are a lot of subtle borrows and they play very quick. The greens have a habit of catching a lot of people out so they should study the contours carefully before making their putts.

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