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Spring golf

Well we have had a few nice days, but patience is still required. It is inching nearer but the major spring growth flush has not happened yet. We took a real pasting with the weather this winter, but with careful management we have minimised damage on playing areas. Many clubs have suffered with lots of disgruntled members, seemingly oblivious to the amounts of rain we actually had to deal with. In the main though, we have come through it all in decent shape, with the course in tidy condition and our greens lovely and firm. They will not take too much filling in once more growth kicks in, so we're looking forward to a great season again on the course. By the time you read this there will be only one more tee to go on the 16th and this will be in play next weekend.

Despite numerous requests and reminders, the amount of unrepaired pitch marks is astounding. Please, help yourself by helping us. Fix your pitch marks and your putts have a better chance of rolling into the hole. Simples.  

Finally for anyone unaware, i have just completed 25 years service at Hexham Gold Club, with over 23 as head greenkeeper. Its a very proud moment for me, and i would like to pass on my thanks to everyone who has worked under my instruction during this period, as well as the many members who have given the greenstaff great support.



The season is upon us.

Its been a little while since our last blog, i think i was to depressed with the weather to write one. This winter has been mild, but harsh on golf courses with muddy sodden areas all over the place. This has highlighted the importance of having winter/temporary greens and tees. Most of our wear is away from main greens and tees so as we near the start of the season, at least we have somewhere to play.


We have had a busy time of it again, with much woodland management and the ongoing work on the short game academy in the walled garden. Our main attention now moves onto the course to prepare for the season ahead. We are currently trying to rectify some of the threadbare washed out paths. We have invested in over 50 tonnes of new material to be rolled out, restoring the surface. Members will notice a colour change on the paths and there is a scientific reason for this, its about half the price!

We still need to direct some funds towards the walled garden, so money is tight. Other ongoing jobs at the moment will include spring renovation work on the greens. The greens have had a double scarification before we aerate and topdress them for the start up. The greens have come out of the winter in good shape and considering what they have faced, are lovely and firm.