Hexham Golf Course - Pros tips 

1. One of the best opening holes in the County! A real risk and reward Par 5. Longer hitters can risk hitting a driver and get it to the top of the hill and go for the green in but beware of the out of bounds left. For most players, the perfect line is the right centre of the fairway, this makes the second shot a lot easier. You will be blocked out by the trees on the left if you pull your drive. A good lay up will leave you a 3 shot to a well protected green. Avoid the deep bunker on the left if you can!All in all a nice easy start!!!!

2. A deceptively tough par 3, majority of the time plays more than its yardage. Allow around 7 yards extra because of the uphill slope and the hole generally plays into the prevailing wind. Once you’ve found the green you will be met by one of the trickiest greens on the course, the green slopes viciously from back to front, making for lots of sloping tricky putts. My advice would be to always allow more break than you think on this green.
3. In my opinion, the toughest hole on the course. A very tough drive, ideal if you can shape the ball right to left, if not it may be best to take less club off the tee and keep the ball in play. A bogey on this hole is never a disaster. Most people will again under club for there approach shot. A good tip is from the marker pole, the shot plays 16 yards longer than its yardage because of the slope, and again you will probably be hitting into the wind. Again you will be met by a fast sloping green. Good luck!!  
4. A challenging Par 3. The hole slopes from left to right and the prevailing wind is from the left therefore most players will miss right. A miss to the right here is definitely better than a miss left. Watch out for the front half of the green, there is a lot more slope than you think.
5. A tough drive into the prevailing wind to a well bunkered fairway. Watch out for the thick rough to the right of the fairway, that is almost certainly a lost ball. Once you have negotiated the drive you will hit to a narrow 2 tiered fast sloping green.
6. One of the signature holes at Hexham, before you drive, take a minute to admire the views of the TyneValley, my favourite spot on the golf course. You will be met be a very tough drive, trees right and left, the perfect line is the right centre of the fairway as the fairway slopes right to left. A long approach to a narrow green with bunkers right and left. On the plus side the green is fairly flat!!
7.A blind drive into the prevailing wind. Out of bounds and thick rough to the right, trees to the left. Left however, is definitely a better miss than right. The green slopes from front to back. There is a narrow entrance to this green; a drive down the left centre of the fairway gives you the best angle for your approach shot.

8 One of the toughest Par 4’s on the front nine, the hole begins with an inviting tee shot from an elevated tee, the trick is to favour the right hand side of the fairway as the fairway slopes severely from right to left, the approach shot is key as you need to try and find the correct tier on the Mckenzie green, otherwise you will have a long tricky putt to contend with.

9 One of the toughest tee shots on the course, the fairway is guarded by three bunkers, which if found will make the green difficult to hit in two.  The hole has a steady climb and dog legs from right to left. The approach shot will play slightly longer due to the uphill second shot. This green looks flat but has some subtle breaks, so take your time reading the green if you want to make your putt.

10 This hole is called the Oak walk, it is a long and difficult Par 3 with a long green, the huge Oak tree is the holes biggest defence, it shelters the right hand part of the green. The tip here is not to miss the green left as it leaves a tough pitch shot to a raised green.

11The second Par 5 here at Hexham is a good chance for a birdie providing you get your tee shot away without finding the fairway bunker on the right hand side. The tee shot is blind so follow the black and white marker. If laying up on this hole be careful of the fairway traps and cops on the left hand side. The green is well guarded with bunkers.

12 A tough, long and tight par 4. Regularly plays one of the most difficult holes on the course. Playing into the prevailing wind the perfect line is down the left centre of the fairway, anything down the right side can very easily bounce into the trees. The approach shot is to a narrow, two tiered green. Be careful with club selection to find the right level. The green is 37 yards long so club selection depends on the pin location.

13.  This short downhill hole can be a card wrecker, steep bunkers guard the green left and right, and through the green lies thick rough which can make getting up and down very tricky.  Club selection is a key as there is a severe drop in elevation from the tee box. The hole plays 7 yards shorter than its distance. Walk off with a three here and you will be happy!!

14.  The 14th hole is a relatively straightforward hole, there is little trouble from the tee, but favouring the right hand side of the fairway will give you a better angle into the green, the green is one of the smallest on the course and the entrance is narrow so club selection is key.

15 This is a great Par 5 which favours the brave, an aggressive tee shot down the left hand side of the fairway will shorten the hole, opening up a birdie chance. But beware of the Out of Bounds running all the way down the right hand side, There is a deep cross bunker 70 yards short of the green which needs to be contended with.  The green is well protected by a bunker short right, and behind and left of the green is thick grass which is difficult to chip from.

16  The shortest hole on the course is by no means a pushover; it is heavily protected by pot bunkers. There is also a steep drop off to the right hand side of the green, which can result in a bogey or sometimes worse. The green is fairly small so if you manage to hit the green you have a great birdie chance.

17  A long and testing Par 4 which can test your nerve if a good card is in hand, large trees line the fairway, so an accurate tee shot is vital, the approach plays slightly downhill which makes club selection important. The narrow green slopes away from the player making it hard to hold the green. Over the years the 17th green has often played firmer and putted quicker.

18 The closing hole at Hexham presents a very tough tee shot with out of bounds all the way down the left hand side and trees all the way down to the right. My advice is to hit a club that leaves just short of the big tree on the right side of the fairway, approximately 220 yards. For your approach everything will feed in from the left hand side. One of the most picturesque holes on the course.